One to one specialist coaching


We love executive coaching for the incredible impact it has on those we work with. Delivering clarity, confidence and a renewed sense of vision, executive coaching is one of the most effective means of executive development thanks to its tailored focus on very specific areas. Working one to one, we work with high performing senior people over a series of confidential sessions to help them make the shifts and changes they need to in order to reach their goals, often over a period of several months.

Your programme will be carefully designed to meet your challenges. Expect to step out of your comfort zone as we tackle obstacles head on whilst amplifying your strengths and personal ambitions. It’s an immensely rewarding process that help to achieve clarity and understand precisely what’s been standing in your way, clearing those obstacles and leaving you prepared for what the future has to offer.


Specific areas of focus include:

  • Build confidence

  • Overcome obstacles

  • Increase self awareness

  • Develop your career

  • Transition into new roles

  • Enhance performance


Ascend with us

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with an executive coach from Ascend and see it as one of the most valuable experiences of my career. I was at a crossroads, or had obviously come to the end of one road and did not know the next direction to go in. My coach was able to help me think about the positives - what was I good at and what did I enjoy - and then translate that into an environment and career that was going to bring out the best in me. It helped me rebuild confidence and pivot into an entirely new environment and role, for which I am extremely grateful.
— Director of Corporate Development, University, Middle East