Help teams meet targets, help individuals to thrive


How do you bring together a group of people to create harmony, unity and a productive, high performing team? At Ascend, we have developed our own Successful Teams Model, which we use to allow us to properly understand the challenges and personalities in the room before devising a plan that’ll quickly get to the heart of what matters and put you on a route to a more effective team that taps into the collective power of everyone involved.

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We are highly expert in working with teams and the unique dynamics that each has to offer. Working with teams requires tailored thinking and a programme carefully designed to meet your very specific challenges. We coach, motivate and enthuse your people, providing them with the space and structure to bring their best game and enhance performance.

Teams developed by Ascend are responsive, agile, communicate freely and enjoy a sense of camaraderie that breeds resilience. Most importantly, they perform consistently in a way which works for everyone, for the benefit of their organisation.


Specific areas of focus include:

  • Board effectiveness audits

  • Building new teams

  • Supporting teams to enhanced performance


Ascend with us

Ascend brought with them a great sense of energy and the work we did together has left a long lasting impact on our people.
— Head of Leadership & Executive Development, Direct Line Group